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GSR Gutterflied
Gutterfly Challenges - DDay! 
25th-Aug-2006 07:13 pm
Faye QC
Hey kids!

Just a reminder that the deadline for all the creative and summer challenges is TODAY! Friday 25th August.

So, if you have something lying around that you forgot to enter, or you'd like to throw something together today, even, you have until midnight tonight (pacific standard) to do so :)

For details, follow these handy-dandy links:

Creative Challenges (1 & 2) - (we've already had 3 entries for numero uno - Zig's, mine and Simple's)
GSR Summer Challenge #1
GSR Summer Challenge #2

Get into it, guys! Remember - They're DOING IT right now! If we can't see it on TV 'til September, we should at least be able to check it out here in the gutter ;)

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